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Baum Inc. allows you to shop dozens of unique categories to service any desire. Try a new and fun kink or enjoy a one in a lifetime experience that fulfills your own special passion.

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Best pricing i could find online and i got my package really fast!

– Gary Howling

Great service, answered on the first ring and walked me through the order process. I was a little nervous but they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and safe placing an order.

– James Baxter

Very high quality product and great service. My doll was smooth and life-like. Will order again.

– Barry Walker

2020 Best Catagories

Goth & Emo


Anime & Hentai



Big Tits




With a variety of body type selections you can find the perfect fit for you! Shop our growing collection of dolls in all colors and sizes to find your custom selection that best fits your wild imagination.

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“We want to provided people a special experience that allows them to truly explore their desires, without breaking the budget.”

-Preston Barnes (CEO)

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