Sex Doll Scams

BAUM INC ( headquarters is in Springfield MO, the United States; We also have offices in China, India and Turkey. We began promoting dolls in 2015, and We have the approval of SSTU (Samson Sex Toys Unlimited), secured in 2018. We started holding large amounts of inventory in the US in order to provide faster shipping times for US consumers and businesses. Many copy-cat sites have been created throughout the web in an attempt to target and scam consumers. These sites do not have permission to sell our products and are fake. has been plagiarized by many fake websites.

These fake websites have copied product descriptions and images from our site and some even attempt to use our logo. These copy-cat sites collect money and do not deliver any products, they do this until their sites our flagged and taken down and they then create a new site under a new URL. These websites even create fake ads on Facebook, ebay and craigslist, offering prices for a sex doll for less then 500$ or some even 79$ to collect anything they can and doop unaware consumers. We have also received reports from scam victims that these fake websites are stealing customers credit card information and some sites even ask for a Social Security Number to “secure financing” on sex dolls. 


Here are some tips to avoid scams

  1. only buy BAUM INC sex dolls from URL. ANY OTHER URL IS A SCAM.
  2. When you get your Invoice, please cautiously take a look at whether or not the bill fits the product number at
  3. Never provide your Social Security Number Over The Web
  4. Only pay using a secure payment gateway like Paypal.
  5. After your order, check your email for a confirmation and contact customer support to confirm the order. Many of these scam website use fake email that are no longer active and do not have active office phone lines.
  6. always check the tracking to confirm the order was shipped
  7. stay away from unrealistic prices. Most sex dolls cost well over 1000$.
  8. 8. stay away from abnormally long shipping times.
  9. Stay away from sites with pixilated product photos that appear to be copied.
  10. stay away from cheaply designed sites without any address listed.

Please, if you have been a victim to one of these scam website, report the URL to our customer service team at


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